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  • 0286600039

    Mar 23, 2016


    Competition or lottery

    Everyone report this number to https://www.scamwatch.gov.au/ She called from (02) 8660 0039 and said she was from Strategic survey's and that I'd filled out an online survey last September 2015 and have won an Android tablet! She asked if I remembered filling out a survey (which, I'd done a few legit ones) and said maybe. I pressured her to explain who exactly Strategic was and who their brand partners were (that I apparently filled the survey out with). She couldnt explain much at all apart from they were a survey company in QLD (...but she's ringing from a NSW number??), so she went on with explaining a bit about the tablet. She then asked to confirm some details that I filled out on the form. She verified my surname, but then it got iffy; Her: "So you've said you and your partner are between 28 and 58" Me: "Errr yeahhh" (Pfht...28 and 58 is a wider number! And I technically dont have a partner) Her: "Cool thanks and you said you have a mortgage and around $150,000 worth of equity in the home?) Me: "Uhm no. Thats wrong. So you're totally are lying to me and I never filled out any survey!" Her: "Oh... so you dont have a house? You might've owned a house a few years ago!" Me: "What is this actually for?" Her: "Its to win a Coles gift voucher." Me: "...but you said it was for a tablet! And I actually work for Coles, so that's a little weird that I wouldnt know about it!" Her: "Ok well thanks for your time and goodbye" *She hung up in the the middle of me abusing her while she said goodbye*

  • 0286600039

    Nov 27, 2015


    Competition or lottery

    I entered a draw at the better homes and garden show 2 weeks ago. Received a call from this number advising me that I entered a draw to win a trip to the maldives but was runner up and won an android tablet that was being delivered the following day. I have called this number 4 times now and left messages on their voice mail. No call backs. I have called better homes and gardens today now waiting a call back

  • 0286600039

    Sep 29, 2015

    Evelyn Gatton-West

    Marketing call

    Company in Bella Vista called IIG; something to do with investments and mortgage strategies. They called saying I'd entered a promotion to win something, that I had missed out on the main prize, but had been selected to receive a free Samsung tablet as part of some promotion. They said they needed to check some personal details and started asking about my mortgage status and my employment. I told them I felt these questions were not required for me to receive the tablet. They then read out my address. Since I couldn't remember ever registering with these people, I started to smell a scam; not that it ever quite got to that point... and so I ended the call politely but with the mention that I felt this kind of marketing activity was illegal, and that they should be reported. This is very misleading marketing and I would avoid these people at all costs. Although no transaction occurred, I have submitted a report of the call to both Fair Trading and the Australian Government scam reporting website; just for the record.

  • 0286600039

    Sep 15, 2015


    Harassment calls

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