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  • 0344103028

    Dec 16, 2015



    This telephone number is a scam. I followed this call up on behalf of a client, to which I confirmed with the Australian Taxation Office, this number is a scam. They had called our client demanding payment for a so called overdue amount and if the client had not paid, further legal action would be taken. Interestingly enough, I called this number myself, and when I asked for the ATO ID of the representative (as they claim to be the ATO), they pretended the call had a bad line and they could not hear me. Do not provide your details to the caller, and if you are suspicious, here is the direct link to the ATO website: https://www.ato.gov.au/About-ATO/About-us/Contact-us/ This website provides all the relevant phone numbers and you can speak with a legitimate ATO representative.

  • 0344103028

    Dec 15, 2015



    This number is being used to scam people, they say that they are from the ATO and that they and collecting a tax debt. When you call 03 4410 3028 the line has a background noise of a busy office or call centre but it is a sound track on a loop of about 2min. Fraud callers name: Michael Steven Accent: Middle eastern Background noise: Call centre Phone number: 03 4410 3028 Attitude: Pushy person, very strict and threatened the person they are calling, the call says that they would get the sheriff to come and collect the money that they owe to the ATO.

  • 0344103028

    Dec 11, 2015


    Marketing call

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